dord (dôrd), n. density of mind; chiefly exhibited by one who attempts to demonstrate supposed knowledge --adj. dord'ish


10 - 8 - 5

Those are my scores from the beginner's, intermediate, and advanced Red Letters quizzes, respectively. Looks middling, based on the other scores I've seen. But who wants to settle for middling?

So, how well do you know the words of Jesus?

(By the way, did I ever mention I like Tim Challies' A La Carte section?)



Blogger Jason said...

A slightly-related-though-unrelated question to anyone who knows: is H/T blogging lingo for saying who your source was? (As in, I would have said H/T Tim Challies.) If so what does it stand for? If not, what does H/T mean?

1/20/2007 4:37 PM

Blogger Clear Ambassador said...


That was cool! When it gets down to the differences between gospels, and chronological order of stuff, I lose it :-)

Yay for listening to the NT on CD for like 3 years.

See you Sunday Jason! It's been a long time - we need to catch up!

1/23/2007 3:06 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


HT = Hat Tip.

And you have the correct meaning; it is used to give credit to someone else as a source.

1/28/2007 12:48 AM


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