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Pray for Virginia Tech

This hits close to home, probably closer than any other national tragedy that I can remember. When the Columbine shootings happened, I was a homeschooler and in junior high. On 9/11, I'd never been to New York City or Washington, D.C., and never flown on an airplane. Both of these events were horrifying, yet still distant. While I still can't truly imagine what everyone at Virginia Tech is going through...

I'm a college student, going to a public university. I spend hours every day in The University of Akron's engineering building. I'm even taking one of the same classes that the gunman interrupted...

But reading news reports and feeling sad doesn't do anything for anyone.

I'm reminded again of the brevity of life--that each day could be my last. Did I live this day for the glory of Jesus Christ? How will I live tomorrow?

And I'm reminded again to pray. So many people are, now more than ever, searching for peace and hope. I pray that they won't stop searching until they find true peace and hope in Jesus Christ. I pray that God will give Christians in the Blacksburg area wisdom and strength as they seek to minister to those who are hurting so deeply. I pray that those who are injured will recover. I pray that God will be glorified in the midst of great tragedy.



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