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Today I went to see the eye doctor about some funny things that have been going on with my vision.

His verdict? I'm Fine. Okay. Normal.

Well, almost.

"You're an engineering student?"

"Yeah. How did you know?"

"Engineers analyze everything."

(Basically, the "funny things" are somewhat normal. But normal people either don't notice them, or just don't think twice about them.)



Blogger Sterling said...

This one really made me laugh. I mean, you had me a bit worried and sympathetic for a moment, but then it all began to make sense--- I supose we all do see funny things. I have a weird vision thing (and I have previously assumed that I am unique in this way.) At the end of the day, sometimes when I am really tired, I can sort of shift my focus so that people (and I suppose other objects as well)appear shrunken. The room and other objects keep their regular size, but the person I am looking at apears to be about the size of a dwarf. Hmmm, you tell me--- should I see a specialist?

4/18/2009 11:55 PM

Blogger Jason said...

Based on my expert understanding of human vision...

[better start over]

My guess would be that you're fine. While I haven't experienced dwarfing vision (that is pretty bizarre), several funny things I described to the doctor were things he attributed to lack of rest (even just overworking my eyes reading books). I believe the term the doctor used was "ocular migraine." So if it's an end-of-the-day thing, my guess is that it might be something similar.

Thankfully, I didn't even need to see a specialist.

4/19/2009 7:52 PM


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