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Savior CD

A couple months ago, Bob Kauflin announced that he would give a free CD of "Savior: Celebrating the Mystery of God Become Man" to 100 bloggers whose blogs receive at least 1000 hits per month, providing they agree to review it on their blog. Now, my blog falls well short of that mark, but I decided to go ahead and buy it anyway. After listening to a number of times, I decided to review it too. I should say "review," because I really don't have any experience or qualifications for writing music reviews. (For that matter, I don't exactly have those two things for writing book reviews, either, but I generally read books more than I listen to music.) So this post isn't a musical analysis, but rather a plug for the CD, because it has a lot of great songs. Should you want to hear for yourself, you can find song samples (and other CD info) here.

Perhaps those of you who already own the CD would be willing to share which songs are your favorites. My favorite three (for both lyrics and melody) are the following:

The Son of God Came Down (Doug Plank)

Emmanuel, Emmanuel (Mark Altrogge)

We Will Seek You (Mark Altrogge)

Just last week, Bob Kauflin made a new announcement: all Sovereign Grace produced CD's are on sale during the month of February for just $6. Plus, if you're a U.S. resident, you can get free shipping. So I didn't qualify for the free CD, and I made my purchase too early to get a steeply-discounted CD. It works out all right, though, because that gives all of you the chance to jump on it. While you're at it, check out the rest of CD's Sovereign Grace has produced.



Blogger Clear Ambassador said...

Speaking from a musical perspective, I second your plug for this CD. I have found it to be as creative, tasteful and well-made as any worship music I know of (and far better than most). I would put it on par with Caedmon's Call's "In the Company of Angels."

My favorite songs are probably the first 2, and "Sleep Jesus Sleep." Track #1 is great.

It makes me happy to see quality music coming out of Sovereign Grace Ministries! There's no way I'm only listening to this around Christmastime :-)

2/13/2008 1:39 PM


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