dord (dôrd), n. density of mind; chiefly exhibited by one who attempts to demonstrate supposed knowledge --adj. dord'ish


The Fundamental Laws of Chronodynamics

The First Law of Chronodynamics

Time cannot be created or destroyed.

Translation: When a person needs extra time, he can neither create extra nor extend what he has. Conversely, when time is passing in an unbearably slow manner, it cannot be expedited.

The Second Law of Chronodynamics

(i) In any instance, a process can occur only if it increases the total chronoentropy* in a person's life.

(ii) Time cannot be spontaneously transferred from a person with lesser need to a person with greater need.

(iii) It is impossible to convert time completely into work.

Translation: Efficiency is always less than 100%, and a person's coefficient of performance is always less than infinity.

*a measure of the unavailability of a person's time to be converted into work



Blogger The Stranger said...

Yes Sonic, it is indeed that time of year again.

4/28/2008 11:21 PM

Blogger Jason said...

What time of year?

4/29/2008 8:12 PM

Blogger The Stranger said...

Paper preparation, examination memorization, and general hair tearingization! I wish that tearingization was a word, so that I could use it legitimately and still laugh afterwards. I will take a moment to recognize that you are , in fact, NOT in school. But I still like how very apropoe your post is in relation to the season if it's context.

4/30/2008 5:32 PM

Blogger Megan said...

Jason, are you not in school?

4/30/2008 9:12 PM

Blogger Jason said...

No, but I am a full-time student. (I'll let you chew on that for a few seconds.)
I'm on an engineering co-op this semester. UA has a great co-op program that mixes in a few work terms after the sophomore year (alternating work and school semesters). It turns it into a five year program. I'll be taking a few summer courses, going back to work in the fall, and returning to finish my junior year next spring. And yes, co-op students are still officially full-time.

4/30/2008 11:09 PM

Blogger Megan said...

ok... that doesn't confuse me at all!
(note the sarcasm intended)
No, actually it makes enough sense for me to know what you are doing but not enough for me to explain it to anyone :-)
Thanks for the clarification

5/01/2008 9:57 AM


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