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Book Review: Why Small Groups?

What is the purpose of small groups? How do small groups serve in building strong local churches? How are small groups supposed to serve in strengthening biblical fellowship? For that matter, what is biblical fellowship?

If you find yourself asking these questions--or ones similar to them--you would benefit from reading Why Small Groups?, one of five books in the Pursuit of Godliness series published by PDI (now Sovereign Grace Ministries) in the mid 1990s. Edited by C.J. Mahaney, with contributions from six other pastors, Why Small Groups? casts a vision for active small group participation by all church members. Chapter topics include the purposes of (and hindrances to) fellowship, the role of the small group leader, and the practice of loving and caring correction, among others. (To view chapter titles, peruse the text, or even print it out to read it, check out the free PDF downloads.)

Rating: Recommended



Blogger Jason said...

Finally, I post another book review! I figured that doing the "upcoming reviews" section on my sidebar would help me to be more regular in reviewing books after I finish reading them. Oh well.

Something particular regarding this book and the rating system I've used. It's hard to say what the difference is between "recommended" and "highly recommended." The reason that I've used the ratings is to give special recommendations to certain books when people click on my booklist.

One thing that I wouldn't want anyone to do, however, is to think that I'm merely recommending this book, as though it's the polite way of saying that it was merely okay. That's why I'm hoping to provide at least a paragraph or two on each book I read.

While this book doesn't come near the theological depth of a book like The Cross of Christ, or even When People Are Big And God Is Small (books I currently have listed as "highly recommended"), I still think that it is an important book for people to read, because so many people likely don't have a vision for being involved in a church small group.

5/15/2008 11:23 PM

Blogger Megan said...

I love this book, it's foundational and a key read for any young church or young christian. Even if you are a long time christian, I think that you will appreciate the insight from these humble men.

5/16/2008 8:32 AM


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