dord (dôrd), n. density of mind; chiefly exhibited by one who attempts to demonstrate supposed knowledge --adj. dord'ish


Until I Write Again

That title makes it sound like I'm taking a hiatus, doesn't it? Well, I'm not. At least, not intentionally. Writing thoughtful posts takes time--something that is increasingly hard to come by. Thus, with several book reviews and numerous other posts in my drafts folder, and my most recent real post several weeks old, I sit down to do what I generally (once before?) do when I haven't finished a real post in a long time: write a few scattered thoughts.

I got a cell phone last month. I put it off as long as I could, but I finally caved. Part (most) of the reason was that I got a job. I now qualify under one of the Eight Marks of a 21st-Century American College Student. For those curious to learn the complete list, the other seven are the humerously pervasive (iPod, coffee addiction, Facebook) and the sadly pervasive (swearing, alcohol, etc). For those further wondering, I did make the list up.

Did I mention that my commute is about 50 minutes? I'm on track to drive as many miles this summer as I did over the first 20 months since I bought the car. The large upside to this is that I can listen to a lot of good messages over the summer. It takes almost a week to listen to one when I commute to school during the semester.

My half day of summer vacation passed quickly. I finished finals around noon on Friday the 11th, and started my co-op job on Monday the 14th. Yeah, I'll have a few other days off, but those are for specific reasons (holidays or trips). There's no reason to feel sorry for me, though. I'm grateful to have obtained a job, and should gain some valuable experience. So what did I do with my half day? Changed the oil in my car, went to the park with my brother and sisters, and went to get frozen yogurt together afterwards. Then, of course, there was New Attitude, but that deserves its own post. (Hopefully I'll finish it before the summer is out.)

Lastly, on a humorous note, some people visit my blog through strange ways (i.e. Google searches). Among the hits that I've received over the last few months were those that resulted from the following searches:
--"Mike Bullmore"
--"Bob Kauflin"
--"benefits of reading and meditation on scripture"
--"render to caesar what is caesar's, and to god what is god's"
--"rushing waters define"
--"burnished bronze defined" [bet you wouldn't have guessed that my blog is Google's result #2]
--"what exactly does the first quest of jesus talk a" [huh?]
--"dord" [big surprise]
--"i am dord" [o... kay]
--"dord defined" [now that one's pretty specific...]



Anonymous Stephen said...

What kind of messages are you listening to during your commute? Voice messages? Messeges from friends? Messages from angels?

I just had to poke fun at your lingo, after all you had some fun over on my blog.

I'll write more later.

6/07/2007 10:03 PM

Blogger Jason said...

Ah, I try not to be overly verbose, and I keep getting knocked for lack of specificity! In almost four weeks of commuting, I've listened to:
--three messages by John Piper (and relistened to two of them)
--several messages from New Attitude 2006 and 2007
--A series called "Parents, Teens & Biblical Expectations" by Grant Layman

I've been thinking of investing in John Piper's 224 message series on Romans. Or at least part of it--the mp3 CD won't play in my car, and the CD series costs a few hundred dollars. But I might buy a few chapters for starters.

Hmm, your commenting patterns are sporadic--months away, and now commenting minutes after I post!

As for lingo-related fun poking... (to revert to age 5 form) you started it! (clever comments on Sodium et. al.)

6/07/2007 10:20 PM


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