dord (dôrd), n. density of mind; chiefly exhibited by one who attempts to demonstrate supposed knowledge --adj. dord'ish


September's Quote to Ponder

"Life is to be lived at the level where the norm becomes meaningful in the light of eternal values, rather than interpreting eternal values according to what is normal for us."
--Ravi Zacharias, Light in the Shadow of Jihad



Blogger Towropes said...

Have you studied natural law and the whole idea of the Normal? The idea that what is excellent was supposed to be the Normal, the status quo, and the corrupted will corrupted what we now observe as Normal?

It's fascinating... I love how C.S. Lewis drops in the word (the "Normal") in a section of That Hideous Strength.

9/04/2007 7:26 PM

Blogger Jason said...

No, I haven't studied natural law. Neither have I read That Hideous Strength. Ouch. 0 for 2. I'd love to be further educated, though.

9/05/2007 11:13 PM


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